Universal Studio’s 1st Entry into Their Dark Universe is Nearly Here. Can Mr Cruise and Mr Crowe Defeat the Evil Sofia Boutella.

A review for the trailer of the Tom Cruise lead Mummy reboot. Inside this post, we find out a little more on the nature of Tom Cruise's character in the movie, as well as Russell Crowe's potential Nick Fury-esque role in Universal Studios' 'Dark Universe'.

Gotham & American Gods. Two Shows Jam-Packed with Star Power, Awesome Characters, and Now; New Seasons

FOX and STARZ TV have both announced the renewal statuses of Gotham and American Gods respectively. Definitely a good time to get into either series if you haven't already done so.

“I AM THE LAW!” Judge Dredd Based Series ‘Mega-City One’ Reveals Its Teaser Poster.

Whether you know of it previously through the Sylvester Stallone lead 1995 movie, the Karl Urban 2012 movie, or the original 2000 AD comic series, you'll certainly know of Judge Dredd. Soon though, the judges and the criminals they take down are headed to a TV screen near you.