Our 1st Post, and it’s Batman Vs the Joker…Kind of.

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When Bruce Met Jerome


Okay, so first things first with this one, there are some potential spoilers for series 3 (and 2) of Gotham, but if you’ve been watching the series up to now, and you know absolutely anything about the Batman franchise, none of it should come as a surprise to you.

The trailer for the last episode of Gotham Season 3 recently found its way online (around the 25th of January 2017) ready for the climatic end to the third outing for baby Bruce Wayne and co. Whilst we here in Britain have to wait until an as yet undisclosed time and date, our cousins from across the Pond have already enjoyed the latest escapades around Gotham City.

The trailer opens with the previous scenes featuring Jerome Valeska, aka Probably the Joker, leading up to his unfortunate demise in season 2, part 1 and what happened to his body in season 2, part 2 – because the Americans have a mid-season break, so in essence, it’s like two seasons for the price of one.

Following the events of season 2, part 2, Jerome’s face was cut off by one Dwight Pollard, former-Indian Hill employee. Dwight tried to bring the crazy delinquent back to life, and when he thought his attempt had failed, took Jerome’s face for himself – as you would, of course.

Jerome, however, does in fact return from the dead, kidnaps Dwight and his face, and then staples it back to his skull. Aside from the abject agony that would be coursing through you throughout all of this, it does set up a perfect Joker-esque look for young Jerome.

Harking back to the recent New 52/Death of the Family Batman story arcs wherein the Joker cuts his own face off just to wear it as a mask, later on, the rest of the trailer plays on Jerome’s constant message of a “Rebirth” in Gotham. Whether that be his own rebirth or a general rebirth of the city itself, the message is also something that the Joker mentions in the comic books shortly after his facial surgery.

Aside from Jerome’s new face, he also goes on to assault his old/future nemesis, Bruce Wayne. Leading young Master Bruce to the carnival, the pair engages in combat, but not before Jerome paints a frown on Bruce’s face in what can only be assumed to be somebody’s blood at this stage. This in itself harkens back to a famous, banned cover featuring the Joker and Batgirl for Batgirl #41 with the fight in the carnival being reminiscent of The Killing Joke fight between the Joker and Batman.

All in all, the idea of Jerome essentially being reborn into a more defined Joker is nigh on perfect. His laughter is spot-on, the mannerisms, and everything down to his speech is as close to the Joker as any Mark Hammill portrayal.

So, whilst it will be a while before it legally comes over to our shores, the new season of Gotham is already shaping up to be an exciting treat for fans of the pre-Batman saga.

Starring David Mazouz as the young Bruce Wayne and Cameron Monaghan as Jerome, as well as Ben McKenzie as James Gordon, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Robin Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot, Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma, and Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth, season 3 of Gotham, subtitled Mad City is currently on the American FOX starting with the first episode later tonight.

Again, no word on when we will be getting it here. Season 1 and 2 are currently available on Netflix.

-James Wright (01/02/17)

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