INTRO: Welcome to WTNH

Welcome friends and fellow Nerds.

My name is James Wright, the Nerd-in-the-Know on this fair site, and my intention is to bring as much of the ever-expanding nerdy world to you, my fair followers.

If you have previous knowledge of what exactly What the Nerd Heard is, then you’ll be familiar with my brand of humour and professionalism.

For any newcomers – a warm, hearty welcome to you by the way – you’ll quickly realise how much of a tangent I occasionally may go on.

For a flavoursome taste of what exactly the mad ramblings of a self-professed nerd-in-the-know sounds like, tune in to the radio show on Calon FM (105FM within the Wrexham area or available online at, or even in a free downloadable app available on the Appstore) every Monday between 4 and 6 p.m.

That’s enough publicity for the show I think.

The way the WTNH blog site works is essentially an extension on what we discuss on the radio show and more. We have weekly games reviews (the first of which features the HD remake of Skyrim) as well as comic book reviews. Movies and TV updates are also a constant thing we do, from the realms of DC, Marvel, and much more besides. Nice things for nice people.

And then there’s our ever-informative Origins segment. We discuss the beginnings of select characters, items, events, directors, producers, teams, locations etc. Very informative, and open for ideas on who/what you would like to know more of.

Aside from all of this, however, we are here to celebrate being nerds! Whether your speciality may be movies, TV series, comic books, games or whatever, you have that inner nerd in you. Someone who enjoys a specialist subject and enjoys learning more about it.

So, whether this is your first time to the page, or you’re a frequent visitor, I want you to feel at home.

– James Wright (15/02/17)

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