The (Iron) Fist of Fury Comes to Netflix!

Image copyright of Netflix/Marvel Entertainment 2017

Well, it dropped without any sort of big announcement, but the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming show Marvel’s Iron Fist has been unleashed. Starring Finn Jones, previously of Game of Thrones fame, the newest Marvel TV edition to the online streaming service looks like it could pack as much of a punch as the Iron Fist himself.

Short backstory, but don’t worry, it’s spoiler-free; Danny Rand (Jones) returns to New York to come back to his father’s company, Rand Enterprises.

Danny’s been away since he was 10 years old and, coming back to the city who used to call home, he’s met with a company whose CEO has seemingly abandoned Danny and his father’s former company.

I should probably mention, Danny’s mum and dad were both killed in a plane crash which saw Danny as the sole survivor.

Whilst stranded in the frozen mountains of Asia, Danny stumbles to the secret city of K’un-L’un, an ancient city who defend and uphold the ways of the Iron Fist.

Danny learns some kick-ass martial arts skills, and from there travels back home.

However, his home, as we just mentioned, has been usurped by his father’s former business partner. Danny gets attacked, attacks back with said kick-ass martial arts skills, bad guy CEO takes notice and inevitably makes a plot to try and “deal” with our boy Danny.

You know, the usual story.

Iron Fist is the fourth of Netflix’s Marvel shows and the final member of the Defenders crossover series which is likely to be available this Autumn.

Whilst previous Defenders shows have been quite gritty, with Daredevil being an action-crime-thriller, Jessica Jones being a neo-noir femme fatale affair, and Luke Cage being a modern day Blaxploitation, Iron Fist certainly has a martial arts film vibe to it – as it should of course. Mixing genre tropes from classic martial arts movies and blending them with the familiar superhero genre, Marvel’s Iron Fist could be the first Defenders show that brings a sense of nostalgia to the ring.

Starring the aforementioned Finn Jones as Danny Rand, aka the Iron Fist, as well as Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, an ally of Rand’s as well as the proprietor of her own martial arts dojo in New York City. David Wenham does antagonist duties as he plays the role of Harold Meachum, the current CEO of Rand Enterprises and the former business associate of Danny’s father. And rounding out the main characters is Rosario Dawson who reprises her role as Claire Temple – making her one of the few recurring characters to appear in more than one of the Defenders series, and perhaps the only one to appear in all 4 of them.

Marvel’s Iron Fist will be hitting Netflix everywhere from the 17th of March 2017.

-James Wright (13/02/17)

3 thoughts on “The (Iron) Fist of Fury Comes to Netflix!

  1. Interesting! If this turns out to be anywhere near as good as Daredevil, I’ll check it out! Great article, do you ever feature your writing with any other sites?


    1. Hi Mike, thank you for taking the time to made this comment.

      I’ve had a couple of articles featured on a site called We Are Chester which reviews cultural events in and around Chester. This is my first time doing my own sort of stuff off my own back though, so it’s kind of new territory for me.


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