Ryan Reynolds Drops Something into the ‘Pool; A Teaser Trailer for the 2nd Deadpool Movie

Image copyright of 20th Century Fox 2017

I woke up on the morning of the 5th of March next to my darling girlfriend.

It was snowing outside, the cats had stopped clawing my face to shreds, and my mother had yet to wake up and slam every single cupboard door on her way out to work.

Naomi turns to me, as I was still half asleep, and said: “There’s a Deadpool 2 trailer”.

I played it cool, mostly because I’m a guy, partially because I was still waking up, and slightly because I like to act like I know everything there is to know about this sort of thing.

But inside, my heart was jumping for joy – a trailer for Deadpool 2?

Whilst it’s not an official trailer at all (the movie itself is at least a year away by all accounts), the teaser, which was released and shared on Facebook by Ryan Reynolds himself I might add, was proof that something big is afoot.

Wade is there, happily walking along, when all of a sudden, he is called upon to realise his inner super-hero.

A thug is mugging an old man down an alley.

There, on the otherwise deserted road, stands a phone box, which our beloved Mr Wilson enters into to get changed into his super-costume, a la Clark Kent.

Of course, this being Deadpool, the transformation wasn’t as quick, and the Merc with a Mouth ends up taking so long the mugging is over and done with.
Still, DP finishes getting changed, leaves the phone booth and heads on over to the fallen citizen, lying down beside him, as he bleeds out.

Deadpool took so long getting changed because he was having difficulty getting into the leather suit, something he brings up the movie’s costume manager to discuss with briefly on the payphone, all whilst the man being mugged is calling for help.

Upon finally getting changed, Deadpool leaves the phone box, only to have a special someone comment on his “nice suit”.

Deadpool turns to the man and shouts “zip it, Stan Lee!”

4th-wall breaking shenanigans with the

There’s even a cinema with LOGAN on the Now Showing display outside, and Wade comments on how the old man “probably wouldn’t be dead if Logan was there, after all, what’s he got to change into?” And then casually mimicks Hugh Jackman’s accent.

Whilst the trailer does not offer any insight into when the movie will be out, who else will be in, or what the narrative will be, it is a nice 3 and a half minutes.

– James Wright, 06/03/17.

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