The “Wild Blue Yonder” Is Coming To Amazon – Complete With A (Better) Costume!

Image Copyright Amazon, 2016

In arguably the best news to come out of Amazon since they launched The Grand Tour, the American online giants (in the form of the official The Tick Twitter account) took to social media on the 10th March to confirm that their live-action adaptation of The Tick is coming back complete with a brand new costume, and not just for a one-off pilot episode.

The official Tick Twitter account (@TheTickTV) posted;

Behold good world, @serafinowicz is finally suited up for the first week on set. #TheTick

Starting life in 1986 as a mascot created by Ben Edlund for New England Comics, the Tick has appeared in his own line-up of comic books, an animated series on Fox in 1994, and a short-lived Fox-produced live-action series in 2001 starring Patrick Warburton.

This time around, however, the Wild Blue Yonder has seemingly found his home on Amazon as you may recall they put out a pilot episode during their much-applauded pilot season back in the summer, that also featured the Kevin Bacon lead I Love Dick, and the pseudo-bio-drama Jean-Claude Van Johnson starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Incidentally, all three were picked up following this pilot season.

The pilot starred Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick as well as Griffin Newman as Arthur Everest, the Tick’s hapless sidekick, Valorie Curry as Dot Everest, Brendan Hines as Superian, Jackie Earle Haley as The Terror, and Yara Martinez as Ms Lint.

The aforementioned new suit, by the way, looks vastly more impressive than the repulsive thing the pilot had on display.

Having been a fan of the Tick (in all iterations) for as long as I can remember, the chance to get a new generation of The Tick warms my heart.


– James Wright, 15/05/17


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