Geralt of Rivia Might Be Joining the Ranks of Daredevil, Piper Chapman, and Narcos As He Joins Netflix

Image copyright CD Projekt Red 2015

Thanks to a video on Facebook posted by UNILAD Gaming on 17th May, the news of a Witcher TV series was brought to my attention.

Reportedly based on the Witcher novel books and with Andrej Sapkowski working as a creative consultant, the proposed series will bring the canonically acceptable stories to Netflix.

In a statement on the series, Andrej commented saying he was “thrilled” about the show and apparently it will “stay true to the source material.”

Tom Baginski, who directed the introductory videos for all three Witcher games, will direct at least one episode per season, it is reported.

Whilst it is not clear at this moment of time what stories are to be told, or even what characters will feature in the series, and as is so often the case with most of our reports on this show there’s no release date tied to the series, there is at least the prospect of multiple seasons being commissioned, all apparently for Netflix.

The Witcher started life out as a series of novels written by Polish author Andrej Sapkowski starting with the first book in 1986.

Predominantly focused on the life of Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher is a fantasy series which feature the titular “witchers”, a breed of monster hunters who, from a very early age, are trained and modified to develop supernatural abilities to take down dragons, griffins, Basilisks, ghouls, drowners, and more besides.

The Witcher has been adapted into a movie (2001), another TV series (2002), a series of comics (1993, 1995, and 2011) produced by Egmont and then Dark Horse Comics, and, of course, a successful series of games produced by CD Projekt Red.

-James, 22/05/17

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