Aliens 5 May Have Become Extinct, But From Its Ashes, We May Finally Get a Sequel to District 9

Image copyright Sony Pictures 2009/20th Century Fox 2017

So, whilst the Alien franchise has had its fair share of success over the decades, the most recent entry into the franchise, Covenant, has not been met with the same praise as earlier entries.

Covenant, which was released 12th May and acts as the sequel to Prometheus, would have helped to set up another two sequels that link directly to the original 1970s Alien movies.

At least, that was the intention.

However, it seems as though Aliens 5 has officially been shelved indefinitely, and director Neill Blomkamp has commented on his missed stab at the franchise.

Speaking to The Verge, Blomkamp commented saying;

“It’s sad. I spent a long time working on that, and I feel like it was really pretty awesome.”

Aliens director Ridley Scott had wanted two more sequels, but whether or not they’ll ever materialise now remains to be seen.

However, whilst Aliens 5 and subsequent sequels may be dead in the water, it’s former director may be finally able to bring forward one of his earlier projects’ sequel.

It has been discussed by Blomkamp for a while now, but with the cancellation of Aliens 5, a District 9 sequel seems slightly more plausible, and then some.

Whilst Blomkamp is currently trying to set up his own film studios, Oats Studio Volume One, which will be a collection of new sci-fi shorts, and whilst the District 9 sequel won’t be a Oats Studio production, Blomkamp has confirmed that it is still very much on the horizon.

The South-African director commented saying;

“I plan on making another film in that world. To go back and work with WETA, and make the film. It would be cool.”

So, whilst Aliens 5 may never get out of pre-production purgatory, the chances are quite high that District 9 will finally get its sequel, which is good news for fans of Blomkamp’s work.

-James, 12/05/17

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