From the Bat-Cave Straight to Our Hearts, Adam West Dies, Aged 88.

Image Toon Zone 2016/20th Century Fox 1966/Fox c2016

On June 9th, the world lost arguably the best on-screen Batman when Adam West passed away following a short battle with leukaemia. he was 88 years old.

He was 88 years old.

Whilst the news is ultimately very sad and marks the end of a lot of ongoing Batman/DC/Family Guy related shenanigans courtesy of Mr West, there have been numerous heartfelt outpourings of dedications and tributes paid to the fallen icon from countless sources.

Firstly, Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy aired a special tribute ahead of the 11th June episode to the fallen former Mayor of Quahog that featured picture memorials.

The doomed-before-it-began superhero spoof series Powerless, a co-production between DC and NBC will air one of their two currently unaired episodes titled “Win, Luthor, Draw” and starred West as he cameoed as Dean West, chairman of Wayne Industries.

Within the episode, West paid a visit to Charm City to deliver some bad news to Wayne Security: They’ve reached a deal to sell off the division to rival corporation LexCorp.

DC/NBC’s announcement came along with a video featuring West that includes a little nod to the 1966 Batman TV series that made him a household name as West turns to the camera to say;

“Will this rag-tag band of plucky performers keep their precious positions, or will they be thrown to the wolves? Find out next week!”

And if those were not enough, the City of Los Angeles paid their respects to the late great Adam West when the iconic Bat-Signal was projected on to the Los Angeles City Hall.

During the ceremony, which was led by Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Charlie Beck, a red Batphone was positioned beside the speaker’s podium.

Mayor Garcetti told the crowd (as reported by the Hollywood Reporter);

“Like you, we all spent many hours in front of the TV, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. Adam West taught us each one of us had a heart of gold. There will never be another Batman like Adam West and there will never be another Adam West.”

It is reported that the speech led the crowd to a rendition of Neal Hefti’s “Batman Theme” from the 1966 series.

Among some of the esteemed guests present at the ceremony were members of West’s family, his former co-stars Burt Ward, who infamously played the Boy Wonder Robin, and Lee Meriweather, who starred as Catwoman, as well as DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee.

To echo the words of Mayor Garcetti, there never will be another Batman like Adam West, who for me at the absolute least, was, is, and will forever be the Batman, and nor will there ever be another Adam West.

God speed, Mr West.

-James, 19/06/17

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