The Real Mrs Marvel and Original Sue Storm, Joan Lee Passes Away Surrounded by Family, aged 93.

Image copyright Barry King

As many of you will know, in the early hours of 7th July, we received the sad news that Joan Lee had passed away.

She was 93.

In this post, we celebrate the life and love of the real Mrs Marvel, the wife of Marvel co-creator Stan Lee

The news came in the early hours of Friday, that, having suffered a stroke earlier in the week and being hospitalised shortly thereafter, Joan Lee passed away surrounded by family.

Joan and Stan Lee married 5th December 1947, having met each other as a result of a blind date.

After emigrating to the States from England, Joan, who was working as a hat model at the time, met Stan, then a struggling writer, when a friend set Stan up on a date with one of Joan’s friends.

However, it was Joan who attended the date instead.

Stan took Joan out to lunch, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Stan Lee, as I’m sure I will not need to tell any of you about, is one of the cornerstone’s of Western comic books, having written and created, alongside numerous other comic book icons such as Jack Kirby, many of Marvel’s most popular and enduring superheroes and villains.

Heroes and villains we still celebrate and cherish to this day.

Stan and Joan 2.jpg

Image copyright Reuters/Fred Prouser

As he started to get older, Stan took a back seat to writing, but shortly found himself in the limelight himself as he appeared alongside some of his creations when he cameoed in multiple Marvel movies.

From the Sony Spider-Man movies beside Tobey Maguire to his constant reappearances in the MCU, Stan has been seen across the world in many guises, and, in one recent movie, even outside of this Galaxy.

Stan has credited Joan with helping him to create the Fantastic Four, possibly the greatest comic book family, right before he decided to give up on being a writer and leave Marvel Comics.

Joan urged her husband to create a comic he was proud of before he quit, and the resulting comic helped form the basis for what would become the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Aside from being his wife and inspiration behind the scenes, Joan also voiced Madame Web in the 1990’s Animated Spider-Man series – arguably the best recreation of the franchise

The couple were married for 69 years.

-James, 10/07/17

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