Hinterland Studios’ “The Long Dark” Will Be Transcending From the Xbox to the Big Screen, thanks to Resident Evil’s Jeremy Bolt.

Image copyright Hinterland Studio 2017

The Alpha version of the game was available for a while on Steam and on the Xbox One, after receiving funding from both the Canadian Media Fund and a Kickstarter campaign, but the full title was released on 1st August to all platforms, including the previously missing Playstation 4.

So, with its grand release finally upon us, including for Playstation 4 players for the 1st time, Hinterland Studio’s “The Long Dark” – a 1st-person immersive wilderness survival game – could have called it quits there for its launch week excitement.

But, that was before Resident Evil movie director Jeremy Bolt got involved.

On Monday 31st July, ahead of the game’s official release on the 1st, Hinterland’s founder and creative director, Raphael van Lierop said the following in a press release;

“My goal with Hinterland – starting with The Long Dark – has always been to create original entertainment properties that could span multiple mediums, exploiting the storytelling potential of each form.”

Van Lierop added;

“Partnering with Jeremy [Bolt] on this project is the first step in achieving that vision of true cross-platform storytelling in the world of The Long Dark.”

The Long Dark, the video game, puts you in the Northern Canadian wilderness following a freak geomagnetic disaster.

The world is isolated, and, as you play through as the crash-landed bush pilot, Will Mackenzie, and Dr Astrid Greenwood, you must find each other whilst ensuring you have enough necessities to live through this hostile environment.

The developers at Hinterland stated how the gameplay is;

“survival simulation that accounts for body temperature, caloric intake, hunger, thirst, fatigue, wind-chill, wildlife, and a host of other environmental factors.”

You must ensure your character has enough food, water, fire wood, shelter, and other resources to live, meaning gameplay is split between exploration and gathering resources whilst also taking care of any potential threats you encounter, such as wolves and bears.

On the subject of bringing the game to the big screen, Bolt was incredibly interested in the project.

“I first reached out to Raphael, as a fan of The Long Dark”, Bolt said to the Hollywood Reporter.

“I was immediately taken by the game’s stunningly immersive landscapes, eerily solitary and realistic nature; it is an existential tale of moral, emotional, and physical endurance with strong characters to build on; it is also a mystery.

It is an honour to try to do justice to it on film.”

As of time of press, there is no confirmed release date, production timeline, or any major cast/crew attached to it besides the involvement of Bolt and (presumably) van Lierop, but as more develops on this story, we’ll be sure to keep you in the know.

-James 07/08/2017

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