Jessie Nickson-Lopez Certainly Has Her Fingers on the Pulse, as She Writes the Script for Michael Harvey’s Newest Novel Adaptation.

Image copyright Michael Harvey c.2017

New Line Cinema has picked up the rights to adapt Michael Harvey’s upcoming novel, Pulse, into a feature length movie, with the writer of Stranger Things attached to the project, according to a post by The Hollywood Reporter.

Alongside Jessie Nickson-Lopez, who will write the script for Pulse, will be 21 Laps producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen.

Pulse is described as being a ‘grounded take on the popular superhero origin and coming-of-age stories that also bridges with crime and science-fiction.’

The story follows a teenager who investigates the murder of his older brother alongside the police.

During this investigation, the teenager meets a mysterious individual who soon becomes a mentor to our hero.

The teenager then begins to develop a unique ability that will help him uncover the truth behind everything, as well as protect him along the way.

Michael Harvey, the novel’s author, is a crime writer whose previous work, Brighton, was picked up to be turned into a movie by producer Graham King.

Nickson-Lopez, who is currently working on, Narcos, wrote the screenplay for Stranger Things, the Netflix Original series that took the world by storm last year and is set to return for Season 2 in October.

Pulse will mark her feature film writing debut.

Producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen’s 21 Laps Entertainment has previously produced movies such as Why Him? starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco, Real Steel with Hugh Jackman alongside boxing robots, The Internship which featured Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn working for Google, Date Night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey, and the Night at the Museum franchise

Plus, thanks to Stranger Things, the studio has picked up no fewer than 18 Emmy nominations.

As of the time of press, there is no confirmed cast or production timeline available for the project, though it could be as early as the Spring.

-James 07/08/2017

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