Silver and Black Development; Villains, Plot Points, and Sony’s Ideas for the Franchise’s Future Inside

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Sony Pictures have already announced their upcoming Spider-Man Universe spin-off movies, including the Tom Hardy lead Venom movie, but they’ve also got a Silver and Black movie – something we’ve previously spoken about here.

There’s no release date yet (for either product) and there aren’t many details announced bar the characters that will feature in Silver and Black (more on that in a moment).

However, a new report courtesy of That Hashtag Show, the movie will feature a game of cat and mouse – pardon the pun – between Silver Sable and Black Cat, with Sable trying to catch Black Cat in order to land an even bigger prize.

Silver Sable, aka Silver Sablinova, is a bounty hunter working for the US government, and Black Cat, alias Felicia Hardy, is a high-end burglar who has stolen from many people who now want to take her down for her thievery.

More so however than just a professional gig, Sablinova is apparently chasing Hardy for another reason; Hardy is the one that stands between Sablinova and Mendel Stromm, who experimented on Sablinova’s Symkarian countrymen in the past.

Hardy, who claims to be using an “enhancement” from Stromm to complete her heists, could be the lead to get Sablinova close enough to Stromm to exact some well-earned revenge.

And Stromm, in return, is also chasing down Hardy as he and his financial backers want Hardy back in their clutches to pay her debt.

In order to capture the Black Cat, Stromm has enlisted another pair of Spider-Man characters – Tarantula and Scorpion.

Now, this is where things have the potential to get a bit hairy for the studios, or at the very least, incredibly confusing.

Scorpion has already technically appeared in a recent Spider-Man movie; Marvel Studio’s Homecoming, where we were introduced to Mac Gargan, a member of The Vulture’s posse of thugs.

In Spider-Man lore, Gargan is a two-bit thug who wears a powerful exosuit, complete with scorpion tail that can crush enemies, strike with a sharpened blade, or fire acidic substances from the end.

In Homecoming, the character was portrayed by Michael Mando, and, at least for now, it is unknown whether he will reprise his role for Silver and Black and, if that is the case, there’ll definitely be some form of a shared universe going on between Sony and Marvel even if Spider-Man won’t appear (something that both Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal have both confirmed in the past).

If it turns out to be Michael Mondo, it will also give us a deeper insight into the transformation from plain old Gargan to the suited-and-booted Scorpion figure ahead of the Homecoming sequel, which would be nice and means that that movie doesn’t have to waste time exploring this transformation.

(Of course, that does mean you’d have to watch a Sony “Spider-Man” movie, but that might not necessarily be too bad)

Aside from Scorpion and Tarantula, Sony also apparently want to feature the likes of Dimitri Smerdyakov aka The Chameleon, who made his first appearance back in The Amazing Spider-Man #1.

Normally a spy/secret agent for (usually) Soviet agencies, The Chameleon in the movie will supposedly have a different story altogether, acting as an information broker working along the borders of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil who supplies Silver Sable with information related to Hardy’s location.

Another rumoured Spider-Man villain to appear in the movie will be Lonnie Lincoln, aka Tombstone.

Whilst Tombstone hasn’t had a mass of appearances in recent years, the criminal African-American albino who lives in Harlem has been a tough member of Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery, possessing superhuman strength, durability, a resistance to extreme temperatures, toxins, and impacts thanks to mutagenic experimentation.

Also, he’s sharpened his teeth into shark-like fangs…as you do.

Currently, Gina Prince-Bythewood has signed on to direct Silver and Black, which is set to start filming in the coming months, and she has said how she hopes the film will be in the vein of Thelma and Louise and Midnight Run.

There isn’t any more news to report in terms of cast or crew, but Sony has stated that they want young actresses for the roles, presumably in the hopes that they can develop it into a franchise.

-James 14/08/2017

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