The Crow Reborn Might Actually be Making its Way Out of Production Purgatory at Sony Pictures. Let’s Hope the ‘Crow Curse’ Doesn’t Follow It

Image copyright Miramax Films 1994

So, it does seem like, whenever we hear some news that there’s ‘progress’ on the long-gestating remake of The Crow, there’s always an unforeseen something-or-other which means we just don’t get any tangible news on it.

However, that’s not quite the case this time around, guys and geeks.

We still don’t have a release date pencilled in, or a complete confirmed cast attached to the project.

But, we do have at least one person who may be on-board in some capacity; Jason Momoa.

Yes, former Khal Drago and current Aquaman himself may be popping up in The Crow Reborn.

In the above Instagram post from last year, Momoa and former-director Corin Hardy – who has since left the project – shake hands over a pint of the Black Stuff with tags such as; “#sealthedeal,” “#greatnewstocome,” and “’cantwaittotelltheworld.”

Fans commenting on the post indicated mixed responses on a Crow reboot but were warming to the fact that Momoa was onboard – though, a few did say how Jason would need to slim down to look the part, assuming he would be up for the lead role of course.

Relativity Media were going to be producing the reboot, but their untimely bankruptcy did not help matters.

However, it may be Sony have made a nest for The Crow if reports are to be believed.

The 1994 original movie was directed by Alex Proyas, who has gone on record saying how he thinks this reboot is “unnecessary” which I’m quite inclined to agree with to be fair.

The movie also featured Bradon Lee in what was to infamously be his last movie role.

It featured young musician Eric Draven (Brandon Lee’s character) who was brought back from the dead to avenge his and his girlfriend’s death.

The movie became a cult hit, partially due to Lee’s accidental death during production

Sources say that the reboot will be a more faithful adaptation of the 1989 indie comic of the same name, created by James O’Barr.

Edward R. Pressman, who produced the original movie and spent years developing the reboot whilst it lingered in limbo over at Relativity Media, will still produce the movie alongside Samuel Hadida – whose companies Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow will help finance, produce and distribute the film.

Ready Player One’s executive producer, Dan Farah, is also on-board.

For now, at least, until something else happens to derail momentum.

Check back here for more news on The Crow Reborn if and when it is available, right here, on What the Nerd Heard.

-James 04/09/2017

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