Ever So Spoopy News; The Munsters Are Coming Back to Our Screens!

Image courtesy of CBS c.1966

Hot off the tails of last week’s post wherein we covered how seminal 1970s buddy-cop hit Starsky & Hutch was making a return, we’ve found more reboots on the horizons, including The Munsters.

Back in the ’60s, audiences everywhere were appreciating the spoopy adventures of the Munsters, an unorthodox family, who share some monstrous qualities between them.

Herman is your quintessential Frankenstein’s monster lookalike; his wife, Lily, and her father are vampires; and the Munster’s son, Eddie, is a werewolf.

The original series ran for 2 years in the 1960s, and, whilst the arguably more familiar Addams Family may have been out 1st, The Munsters regularly beat their kookie competitors in the ratings – probably because CBS was working with Universal Studios on production of The Munsters, meaning famous monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster could be utilised and have immediate face appeal.

I wonder if anyone’s doing anything with those Universal monsters these days?

This time around, The Munsters are going to be making NBC their home, in a series created by Jill Kargman and Seth Meyers.

The new, half-hour single-camera series will follow members of the Munster family, who are “determined to stay true to themselves but struggle to fit in in hipster Brooklyn.”

This already differs from the original series, as the 1960s Munsters lived in 1313 Mockingbird Lane, in the fictional city Mockingbird Heights, California.

Apparently, the rebooted idea started with Kargman, who came up with this new take on the series. Her team then tracked down the rights to Universal TV, and she then teamed up with Late Night host Meyers, who already has a producing deal with the studio. Korgman is currently set to write the script and will serve as executive producer, with Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions’ on board behind her.

Previously, NBC had tried to reboot The Munsters, even going so far as to produce a big-budget pilot titled Mockingbird Lane, which was directed by Bryan Singer of all people. It starred Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster, Portia de Rossi as his wife Lily, Eddie Izzard as Grandpa, and Charity Wakefield as cousin Marilyn, with the episode airing as a Hallowe’en special back in 2012.

For reasons unknown, the pilot did not wow fans the way the studios had hoped, but it was an hour-long format, something that might be a bit too much for the style of the programme The Munsters traditionally is/was.

Back in January 2013, NBC chief Bob Greenblatt said;

“I won’t say we won’t do another version of The Munsters again.

We tried to make it an hour, which ultimately has more dramatic weight than a half-hour.”

This new reboot will revert back to the original half-hour comedy format fans of the series are used to.

No news yet on a cast list, or even a production schedule, but at least the idea is fresh!

More of this, please, TV executives!

-James 12/09/2017


I don’t normally write after I’ve signed an article, but I just wanted you all to appreciate the magnificent piece of artwork that is the Munster Koach.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Have you ever seen something so gorgeous in all your life? It’s jaw-droppingly nice. And this was just for a TV show that only lasted 2 years! Exquisite.

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