Marvel’s Inhumans Series; Has It Lived Up To Those High Expectations?

Image copyright Marvel Studios 2017

We’ve spoken at length about Marvel Studios’ most ambitious project to date; The Inhumans. 

A TV series, which has been shot completely in IMAX, and whose 1st 2 episodes are showing in cinemas up until the rest of the series hits TVs at the end of September. The Inhumans is the 1st series in history to have those two accolades to its name.

Starring Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as Queen Medusa, and Iwen Rheon as Maximus the Mad, the series follows the Inhumans royal family as Maximus tries to convince his family to fight back against the humans, and, as a result, he and Black Bolt come to blows, leading to Bolt’s exit from Attilan and in amongst the humans.

This being a Marvel outing, the usual mix of superpowered individuals and their antics are to be expected, and the Inhumans’ giant, teleporting dog Lockjaw, is visually impressive in all his CGI spectacle.

And that’s about it really, there isn’t too much more to write home about that you haven’t necessarily seen before, and unfortunately, the series has not gone down well at all.

According to a report posted from Variety, there are “concerns over the quality of Inhumans episodes – both the special effects of early cuts and the underpinning scripts – were a source of contention” for ABC, who produced the series along with Marvel TV.

The report continues, saying;

“So far, the Inhumans episodes that have been shown in IMAX theatres have brought in an underwhelming estimate of $2.6 million.

The unique venture between Marvel and ABC … didn’t quite work out as expected, and may have stunted any chance of something similar happening in the future.”

Of course, this isn’t necessarily news for anyone who saw the teaser trailer a few months back, which showed off the cast for the 1st time – the costumes were ridiculed even at that early stage, with many criticising them as being terrible attempts at cosplay.

Heck, when I spoke about the trailer a few months ago, I said how I thought Serinda Swan’s Medusa costume looked “silly.”

The teaser did nothing for Queen Medusa’s famous hair which, just like her Greek Mythology inspiration’s namesake, is supposed to be like a group of snakes.

And, get this, the director didn’t even like the 1st trailer – that’s the Scott Buck, the director of the whole series, who didn’t even like the 1st trailer.

What chance did this series have, seriously?

Still, at least people waited until they saw the 1st episode before making a final call and pummeling the series into the ground with their opinions and reviews.

And to be fair to The Inhumans, it currently has a rather impressive record going for it.

As of 13th of September, Rotten Tomatoes currently has the movie at 0% fresh following 12 different reviews.

Comments range from the “overwhelmingly bland colour palette”, and “unimaginative plot of misunderstood people”, to looking “faintly ridiculous”, being “uninspired”, and just being flat-out “awful”.

To be loathed by so many so early on may have been premature, but now that the 1st two episodes are officially out, the consensus will probably stay the same – why waste your hard-earned money on something you’ll be able to watch for free in less than a month’s time?

If you’re a diehard Marvel completionist, then you’d probably want to go along and watch it, but even I’m in no rush to go and see it, which tells you all you need to know really, doesn’t it?

-James 13/09/2017

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