Gotham, A City That Never Sleeps – and Until Recently, (Season 3) Never Aired On British TV Either

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It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken about Gotham here at WTNH, with our last story being about the start of the 2nd half of Season 3 in the States way back in February.

Ahh, how time flies. That post was our very 1st one, doncha know?

Anyways, since then, the show has been chugging along, with new villain Jarvis Tetch aka the Mad Hatter being the primary antagonist for most of Season 3, part 2.

All through the summer, I had new photos released on Facebook by the Gotham page about David Mazous’s Bruce Wayne and Ben McKenzie’s Detective Jim Gordon taking on the evils of Gotham city, as best as they could inside the law.

There were shots of Jada Pinkett-Smith as Fish Mooney on a near daily basis getting fans ready for the return of Gotham “in the Fall” as you Americans would like to say.

And it was great…as long as you were in America and not at all bothered about seeing posts that were almost taunting you over something you didn’t even know you were going to get.

As many of you know, Channel 5 had the rights to broadcast Gotham over here in the UK, and as many more of you will know, Channel 5 haven’t exactly been very quick to release the 3rd season.

As far as we know, there’s been no real reason given for the delay on Channel 5’s behalf, it’s just not happened, with some reports mentioning how a “power outside of their control has been preventing them from releasing the season.”

And that has obviously irked the ire of fans, who, without resorting to, shall we say, less than legal methods, have had to wait patiently for the series to catch up, or just watch the 1st two seasons on repeat on Netflix until something happens.

And, ironically enough, something has happened with Netflix, as they announced at the end of August that they will stream Season 3 ahead of Channel 5 – who may not even bother with it at all now.

And actually, this hasn’t even been the “premiere” of Season 3 in the UK as the DVD/Blueray boxset was released 28th August, meaning that, potentially for the 1st time ever, a TV series will premiere on disc before it is shown on TV.

Evidently, Netflix does not have to answer to the same “powers” that Channel 5 do, and they’ve decided to stream the service online as of 1st September.

Fans now have the choice; either purchase the DVD/Blueray box-set or stream the 22-episode long series on Netflix.

Either way though, Channel 5 has certainly dropped the ball on this one, and are still yet to make a comment on when the season 3 will premiere on terrestrial TV, meaning that a full 12 months have passed in the interim already.

Have fun with Season 4 America, we’ll catch you up soon.

-James, 19/09/2017

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