Stephen King’s IT is Making a Killing – Pardon the Pun – in Cinemas, and a Sequel is Floating Our Way Soon Enough

Image copyright Warner Bros. 2017

The 2017 reboot of Stephen King’s It has been – please pardon the pun – killing it in the cinema already, with over $100 million made domestically within the opening weekend, and overall rave reviews to its name.

You could ask anyone – who’s not afraid of clowns of course – what they thought of It and they’ll all say how great it was.

The other recent Stephen King adaptation, The Dark Tower, which starred Idris Elba was poorly received and opened to an unremarkable $19.5 million back in August, so some expectations were lower than they should have been for It.

However, the apprehension was clearly unwarranted, and, naturally, with the movie being as successful as it has been, there’s a sequel being planned out.

Fans of the franchise will already know that It would have had a sequel soon enough, especially with the final scene in the first movie featuring the “Chapter One” label.

The writers split Stephen King’s novel in half, with the 1st movie focusing on the kid’s story, and the planned sequel – “Chapter Two” – depicting their second encounter with murderous clown Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård) some 27 years later.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Andy Muschietti explained how the two films will work;

“On the second movie, that dialogue between timelines will be more present.

If we’re telling the story of adults, we are going to have flashbacks that take us back to the ‘80s and inform the story in the present day.”

Muschietti went on to say that, for at least one character, the movie would be a lot darker than what we’ve already experienced, if that’s at all possible;

My idea of Mike [played by Jaeden Lieberher] … I want to make his character the one pivotal character who brings them all together, but staying in Derry took a toll with him.

I want him to be a junkie actually.

A librarian junkie.

When the second movie starts, he’s a wreck.”

The film is an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 title of the same name, in case you hadn’t already guessed, which tells the story of a group of pre-teens known as the ‘Loser’s Club’, and an ancient alien being Hell-bent on destruction and death who haunts the town of Derry and the Club.

This creature, named “It” by the kids, goes in search of prey, often appearing in the form of the clown, Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgård.

Apart from the aforementioned Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, the It reboot also stars Finn Wolfhard, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Chosen Jacobs, Wyatt Oleff, Nicholas Hamilton, Owen Teague, and Logan Thompson.

-James 19/09/2017

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