The City of Townsville, Has A New Powerpuff Girl to Help Defend It. Whoopass Stew Has Come A Long Way.

Image copyright Cartoon Network/Entertainment Weekly 2017

Long-term fans of WTNH (as well as some of my personal fans) will know of my fondness for the Powerpuff Girls.

Many an afternoon in the late ’90s and early Naughties were spent watching the adventures of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, beating the likes of Mojo Jojo, the Rowdyruff Boys, HIM, and the rest of their colourful rogue’s gallery.

I loved the show. I even downloaded and watched the Japanese anime version. Yeah.

So, naturally, when Cartoon Network decided to reboot the series – complete with a new animation and art style – you can tell I was a little sceptical.

But, it seems to be doing the series justice, even going so far as to introduce a NEW CHARACTER.

And not just any new character, but, as Entertainment Weekly announced at the start of September, we’re getting a fourth Powerpuff Girl.

I – I don’t know how to feel about this.

Powerpuff Girls 4th Member Tease.jpg
Image copyright Cartoon Network 2017

The fourth Powerpuff Girl was introduced in the five-part movie event The Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four.

The fourth girl, initially thought to have been Bubbles’ imaginary friend, Blisstina (or Bliss, for short) is revealed to actually be the girls’ elder sister, the result of Professor Utonium’s earlier attempts to create the “perfect little girl.” The Professor combined sugar, spice, and everything nice (you know, what little girls are made out of) and accidentally added a fourth ingredient; Chemical W (as opposed to the Powerpuff Girls’ Chemical X, because W comes before X).

Which makes me question the whole “Professor Utonium accidentally added Chemical X” schtick the show has been peddling all of these years – if he’s already done a similar experiment years prior, why would he ‘accidentally’ add a chemical? Where did this man get his doctorate from?

So, here is the reveal of Bliss (as seen in the trailer for watching The Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four movie event being available on the Cartoon Network App);

As the story goes, Bliss was created years before her sisters, and Professor Utonium raised her as his daughter. They quickly learned that whenever Bliss became angry, excited or frightened, she’d lose control of her powers, with explosive and destructive results.

Her last emotionally charged outburst ended with Bliss blowing up the house, and then, upset and dismayed by her actions, fled the town of Townsville.

She returns inThe Power of Four to be reunited with her family, and naturally, to help fight crime.

And, to further the canon aspects of a time before Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, The Power of Four also reveals that Bliss was best friend with none other than Mojo Jojo when he was still the Professor’s lab assistant. Nice touches,

Did the world need a fourth Powerpuff Girl? Probably not, no. Will there be some people who moan and complain about this that and the other? More than likely, yeah. Does it really matter? No, it’s a cartoon character.

Although, all of that being said, Bliss isn’t actually the fourth Powerpuff Girl, is she?



Powerpuff Girls Bunny
Image copyright Cartoon Network c.2000




Powerpuff Girls Princess Morbuck
Image copyright Cartoon Network c.1999

Okay, so Princess Morbucks was actually a villain who used her dad’ money to get a Powerpuff Girls-esque costume that could do the things the heroes could do, and Bunny only lived for one day, but they still wore the costumes gosh darn it. That should equate to something!

-James 19/09/2017


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