The Trailer is Hot, and Lara is Going to Town on Trinity. Analysis Plus Trailer Inside.

Image copyright Warner Bros. 2017

The first official trailer for Warner Bros. live-action Tomb Raider reboot landed 19th September, and, from what we’ve seen thus far, the movie looks like it’s been quite faithful to the source material.

Based on the Square Enix Tomb Raider reboot game from 2013, this Lara is starting off her adventuring lifestyle, all fresh-faced and certainly not a world-weary woman like we are accustomed to seeing in movie representations.

Within the movie, Lara looks like a woman determined to succeed, yet still inexperienced in areas like combat, traversing the wildness, and being a survivor.

That being said, she clearly demonstrates the innate archaeological expertise that is prevalent in her later years – she is seen easily decoding an ancient puzzle which contains a key to her late father’s secret den.

It is within this den that Lara learns more about the antagonistic group known as Trinity.

She also learns that her father, Lord Richard Croft, had discovered the fabled tomb referred to as the “Mother of Death” in the Devil’s Sea off the coast of Asia, which Lara promises to find for her father.

Problem is, Trinity is also searching for the tomb, and if they find it, it would spell destruction for all mankind.

Lara takes a ship with a team of explorers (including Daniel Wu’s character, Lu Ren), and, as it does within the video game the movie is based, the ship runs afoul of a violent storm that ends up capsizing the ship forcing Lara to jump into the sea in order to survive.

Thereafter, Lara meets Mathias Vogel (as played by Walton Goggins) and his island crew of savage mercenaries.

The trailer looks like it’s going to be as action-packed as the video game, which is great, as long as Alicia Vikander does not re-enact her character’s over the top and excessive amount of falling. Seriously Lara, learn to jump or something.

The trusty climbing axe is also on display in the trailer, a staple of this Lara’s arsenal which she not only uses to beat up a random hostile in a cave but also for its intended purpose (imagine that, something being used as nature intended. Whatever will they think of next?)

Perhaps the most visually impressive part of the trailer comes whilst Lara is standing atop a rusty and decrepit aeroplane which is creaking and about to plummet into the watery depths below – you can see where this is going.

A lot of the scenes look like they could have copied them straight out of the game, which is awesome, but there’s enough going on to make it work as a movie without becoming too story-laden or action-heavy.

My one criticism with the trailer (and possibly with the movie, therefore) is the final scene (that features none other than Nick Frost, complete with a bushy old beard). Frost is some sort of arms dealer/weapons broker – which, other than for obvious reasons, I don’t have that much of a problem with – but it’s Lara’s response whilst in his…shop? that annoyed me. Lara is seen with two handguns – one in either hand – and say’s “I’ll take two!” WHY, LARA? YOU ONLY EVER USE ONE HANDGUN IN THE GAME, AND YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE NOT VERY PROFICIENT AT THIS YET, SO WHY AND HOW COULD YOU HANDLE TWO GUNS STRAIGHT AWAY?! Phew. Rant over.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to it, and if they pace it out well enough, we could get as many sequels as we do games. After all, Square Enix is one of the production houses behind the Tomb Raider movie.

Starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, Dominic Wood as Lord Richard Croft, Daniel Wu as Lu Ren, Walton Goggins as Mathias Vogel, and Hannah John-Kamen as Sophie, Tomb Raider is expected in cinemas from 16th March 2018.

No word yet on if the movie will feature an attempted sacrifice of Lara’s close friend to the sun god though. I think they might need to omit that whole story arc if they wanna keep the movie under 3 hours long.

-James 22/09/2017

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