“Party On Guys!” Keanu Reeves Has Some EXCELLENT News For Bill & Ted Fans – NYCC Fallout

Image copyright MGM 1989

Back in 2011, Keanu Reeves revealed that a script was in the works for a third Bill & Ted movie.

For fans of the sci-fi comedy franchise, however, that was the extent of the good news for a while as the development seemed to stall thereafter, with only minor script updates from Reeves and co-star Alex Winter in the interim.

Well, that was until 5th October, when news broke via The Hollywood Reporter that the screenplay is finally ready, and, to quote Reeves; “we’re just trying to get it made.”

As Reeves describes it, the newest movie, titled Bill & Ted Face the Music, “Show business is tough.”

Since their last outing, Bill (played by Alex Winter) and Ted (Reeves’ character) are supposed to have saved the world by writing a song, however, the nature of these perennial slackers means that they haven’t done it yet.


Since 1991’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Adventure, our unlikely heroes have “grown up” and got wives and kids.

However, as Reeves adds;

“The future comes and says ‘you’ve got to write the song’, and so begins facing the music.

One day, hopefully before I’m 60.”

So, after over two decades, Bill and Ted are coming back to our screens.

Naturally, there is no confirmed release date as of yet, and no extended cast list confirmed, but this is definitely good news for any and all fans of Bill and Ted.

-James, 16/10/2017




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