How Do You Say “Explosion” in Spanish? Michael Bay to Produce Dora the Explorer Movie

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In perhaps the best or worst choice that Hollywood has ever made (depending on your idea of a good idea), Michael Bay announces a live-action Dora the Explorer movie.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

From Armageddon to the Transformers movies, Bay has had a hand in bringing plenty of big-screen blockbusters to the world and has always brought his particular brand of explosive cinematography along the way.

So, definitely the sort of person you’d want behind the big screen debut of one of Nickelodeon’s most loved Nick Jr brand of cartoon series.

Dora the Explorer follows the titular Dora, an adventurous girl who, along with her monkey sidekick Boots, her cousin/adventuring partner Diego, and her backpack named Backpack, travel the world teaching kids Spanish.

Dora the Explorer is famously heavy on audience interaction, as Dora will routinely stop and stare at the screen whilst the kids at home have a go at speaking Spanish themselves.

The series finished back in 2014 after some 8 seasons and 172 episodes, picking up a Peabody Award along the way for “outstanding efforts in making learning a pleasurable experience for pre-schoolers.”

So, naturally, the first person you’d associate with a movie adaptation would be Michael Bay.

It must be said though, that, according to Entertainment Weekly, Bay won’t be onboard as a director, only as a producer whilst his production company, Platinum Dunes, will be producing.

Now, you may snigger at the thought of a Dora the Explorer movie, especially one that has Michael Bay attached to it, but I think it could work out.

The Hollywood Reporter, who broke the news on the 23rd October, reckons the movie will feature a teenage Dora moving to the city to live with her cousin Diego.

There’s a great potential for one of those “down-on-their-luck-hero-gets-their-life-back-together” type movies.

Picture it; Dora’s life has spiralled out of control, she has to move in with her cousin, and there’s a series of events in place that mean the Spanish language is being mistreated.

Dora decides to take a stand, looking to get the gang back together.

And naturally, she finds her monkey companion Boots in a bar, sipping away on bottle after bottle of tequila, drowning his sorrows.

Dora and Boots reconnect and make a difference – complete with explosions aplenty, because Michael Bay.

Yeah, if that were the plot, I think I’d actually want to watch it. Make it so, Mike, make it so.

The studio has eyes to launch the movie sometime in 2019, though there is no confirmed cast list attached.

-James, 26/10/2017

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