How Long Does it Take to Get a Sequel to The Incredibles? 14 Years Apparently. The First Teaser Trailer Drops

Image copyright Disney/Pixar 2017

Disney and Pixar‘s stock has increased exponentially since 2004, with no less than 12 feature-length movies being released, including all three Cars movies, sequels to Toy Story, and umpteen original movies.

But out of all of the movies that have been released, there’s been one sequel that has been promised and never delivered, despite fan requests and the definite “we’ve got a sequel planned for this” cliffhanger scene at the end of the first movie.

I am, of course, referring to the long-awaited Incredibles 2, the Pixar movie based on the superheroic family, the Parrs.

Writer/producer Brad Bird has previously stated how an Incredibles sequel was;

“very actively moving, and we’re excited about it…

[We’re] trying to take it in some new directions.

Hopefully it’s the same characters and feel, but going in a new direction…I mean, that’s the trick with a sequel.

It’s repeating yourself, without repeating yourself.”

Incredibles 2 was originally scheduled to open in the same year as Captain Marvel, Shazam! and the fourth Avengers movie, but the new 2018 release puts it into the same summer blockbuster slots as Avengers: Infinity War, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ant-Man & The Wasp, and Aquaman.

The Incredibles grossed $633 million globally and $70.4 million domestically, and, at the time, had the second-highest opening ever for an animated movie.

The Incredibles 2, which is to be directed by and written by Brad Birch, will follow the ongoing lives and adventures of Bob and Helen Parr – Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, respectively – and their three children, Dash, Violet, and baby Jack-Jack.

In the first movie, the Incredibles teamed up against the villainous Syndrome who had plans that would mean the end for superheroes everywhere.

The Incredibles 2 is scheduled to hit cinemas 15th June 2018

-James, 19/11/2017

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