Wright Wrecommendation; Human Fall Flat

Image copyright No Breaks Games 2016

There’s plenty to worry about as a human. Even the most uninteresting of lives is subject to all manner of daily abuse. The weather. Germs. Fatigue. The list is endless. And, as far as the average human goes, it’s not exactly an adventurous or exciting state of affairs. We wake up, we go to work, we eat, we sleep. Repeat. So, why would anyone want to play a game where you’d willingly just be an average human? Sounds like it wouldn’t be that much fun, right? Well…

Human Fall Down - image 1.jpg
Image copyright No Breaks Games 2016

Human: Fall Flat is a little-known indie platform-puzzle game where players are tasked with taking the protagonist – an androgynous character named ‘Bob’ in-game – through a series of puzzles across multiple landscapes.

It’s a quaint little game with a lot of slapstick humour brought about by the game’s use of physics.

Yes, it’s another game that utilises physics as a gameplay mechanic, but it’s a great example of it being used.

You control Bob, who can walk, climb using his arms, hold onto things, push and pull items, and look around using his head, just like you or I.

Human Fall Down - image 5
Image copyright No Breaks Games 2016

Whilst not exactly the strongest or bravest of protagonists, Bob is easily one of the most likeable, and the game does everything in its power to make you feel connected to him.

You are solely responsible for Bob’s progression through a level – if Bob needs to climb, you need to operate his arms to grab onto a ledge and lift himself over.

The way you can move trains is particularly inventive, though I’m not entirely sure it would actually work that way in real life.

No Breaks Games describes Human: Fall Flat as being an “open ended physics based puzzle game in which you take control of builder Bob helping him resolve the mysteries behind his recurring dreams of falling.”

A level is completed when you make your way to the exit (which feature an exit-sign like you’d find in your office building) and hurl yourself off of the ledge presented in front of you.

And that’s about it. Human: Fall Flat features one of the wittiest in-game dialogues I’ve encountered in a long while, as the voice-over man talks about Bob as if he is some sort of unusual species under close examination.

Human Fall Down - image 6.png
Image copyright No Breaks Games 2016

A lovely part of the game is the customisation options available for Bob. Whilst the clothing choices are limited to a few shirts, around three trousers, and a handful of hats, each of them can be coloured to suit your style and put your own flair on Bob in the world.

Or, you can leave him naked, the choice is completely yours.

And, thanks to one of the more recent updates, you can play with friends as well. Yes, mutliplayer physics-abusing, Bob-torturing action. Sweet bliss!

Human Fall Down - image 7
Image copyright No Breaks Games 2016

Nerd Rating – 8/10 – As experiences go, this is one of the most enjoyable one I’ve had in a game for a long while. The physics aspects are slightly awkward to get used to at first, but after a number of falls and crashes into the side of a mountain, you’ll figure it out. Each of the puzzles can be attempted in a number of different ways, offering up replayability, and the customisation options help you to feel a bit more connected to Bob and the game on the whole. It’s a game that is probably much better to watch than it is to play, but slapstick never gets old.

If you like this, try; Octodad, Gang Beasts, Goat Simulator.

Human: Fall Flat, available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch (coming soon).

Official site; http://www.nobrakesgames.com/human/

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