Margot Robbie Has Some News About Her Future As Harley Quinn

Image copyright DC/Warner Bros. 2016

We’ve spoken about the potential spin-off Joker and Harley Quinn movie at length here on WTNH.


That is on top of a Gotham City Sirens and a direct Suicide Squad sequel, of course.

Apparently, though, Margot Robbie is on board to work on a solo Harley Quinn movie that is “totally separate” from the aforementioned films.

As reported by MTV, Robbie confirmed that she’s working on the Harley solo film that would pit her character against the world, either alone or as part of a team.

In the interview, Robbie is adamant that a proper Harley Quinn movie needs a team of people for Harley to bounce off of – so, basically, the Gotham City Sirens movie then?

If there is a ‘solo’ Harley Quinn movie, it could act as the culmination of a trilogy for the character as she battles The Joker, Gotham City, and whoever else after that.

There’s little known about any of the spin-off movies involving Harley Quinn or any other member of the Suicide Squad right now, but we do know that Margot Robbie will make her return as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad 2, directed by Gavin O’Connor, with a slated release date in 2019.

-James, 04/12/2017


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