Wright Wrecommendation; WWE Mayhem

Image copyright Reliance Games 2017

It’s been a crazy week for your resident Nerd-in-the-Know. On Monday, I aired my first live radio show for a couple of weeks, and then immediately recorded my Christmas special. Then, I had my last two days of my internship with Pretty Good Gaming (shout out to Gaz, Mike, Liam, and Jake!). And I’ve still got to take my grandad you a hospital in Liverpool. And then of course, it’s Christmas. Phew. So, with that much going on, my chance to play a full-fledged game is fleeting. Thankfully though, a game I pre- registered for on my phone was released this past week. And, it just so happens to be a WWE game, and we all know how much I love my wrestling.

WWE Mayhem - image 1
Image copyright Reliance Games 2017

So, a new mobile WWE game? Does the world need one?

Well, as flooded as the marketplace is, WWE MAYHEM is so much different to any of the other games that came before it.

Whilst WWE Champions is a wrestling themed take on the match-four genre, Supercard is your trading card game, Tap Mania capitalises on the tap combat mechanic, and Immortals is what happens when Vince McMahon meets Mortal Kombat, Mayhem feels closer to Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions. 

And for anyone not familiar with Contest of Champions, picture an arcade, side-on fighter where you collect a large choice of heroes. Now, take that idea, and add John Cena, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

WWE Mayhem - image 3
Image copyright Reliance Games 2017

The action is fast-paced, therefore, and easy to pick up.

Simple tap/swipe controls mean you can block by holding the left side of the screen, do a weak attack by tapping the right hand side of the screen, and performing heavier attacks by swiping to the right.

By attacking, you build up your special bar to earn a signature move, unique to the wrestler.

Or, should your opponent also have access to their own special, you can use some of your bar to counter their onslaught.

It opens up the possibility for a series of counters to each other’s counter until you’re either both out of special juice or knocked out.

Either way, it’s a whole heap of fun for you.

WWE Mayhem - image 4
Image copyright Reliance Games 2017

The downside is, that whilst your superstars are super-powered and over-the-top (even in comparison to their real-life counterparts) your opponents will become increasingly stronger to the point where you’ll probably either have to go back and grind some level up items, or fork out some real-world money to level up faster.

Or, you wait for a free 4 hour loot crate to become available, but the chances you’ll find enough post what you want (or even anything that you want) is as slim as you’d imagine from randomised mystery boxes.

The moves are heavily exaggerated to the point where they’re cartoonish – The Rock’s Rock Bottom finisher, for instance, sees the Great One grab his opponent and jumps a good 12 feet in the air before launching them back down.

The gameplay and aesthetics are downright WWE All-Stars levels of quality – which, in this day and age where every other WWE game is a simulation, is a compliment of the highest order.

I haven’t cracked the point where I think to myself “that’s how you do it” when it comes to getting a lot more content out of my in-game rewards, but I’m sure that when I do, everything else will be a doddle.

Until then, it’s back to the grind fest.

WWE Mayhem - image 5
Image copyright Reliance Games 2017

Nerd Rating – 7/10 – I’m a bit biased towards these games a I love professional wrestling, and will endeavour to play any and all games that come out, but this is up there with one of the best experiences on mobile for fans. The action, as I mentioned, is fast-paced and easy to pick up but enough of a challenge to try and master – spoiler alert; I’m still not very great at it. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy the intuitive swipe/tap controls and the sheer fun of watching the Big Show flying off the top rope.

If you like this, try; WWE Immortals, WWE Champions RPG Puzzle Game, WWE Tap Mania, Marvel’s Contest of Champions

WWE Mayhem, available on Apple and iOS – enabled devices.

Official website; https://www.wwemayhemgame.com/

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