WTNH’s 1st Post of 2018 – Wanna Get Involved?

Welcome folks, to a New Year.

Yes, after all of the merriment of the past few weeks, you’ll be happy to know that our regular scheduling will be slowly but surely returning to normal.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks as our output has gone from tonnes of stories every week to basically none, but we were just winding down and enjoying the Festive Season with our loved ones – I’m sure you could accept that as a reasonable excuse.

Looking forwards, it’s going to be a great year, with several big plans currently in motion and your usual mix of professionalism and expert journalism – and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything!

But seriously, we’ve got plenty more left in the tank, so for anyone who’s been wondering why they haven’t heard from us in a while, or when your next dose of Nerdy News and Geeky Gossip is coming, fear not. Your patience will be rewarded.

If you have any requests, please do hit us up in the comments section, or online on Twitter at @_WTNH or @JamesRAW1989.

And if YOU fancy writing a piece for us, then by all means, let me know. Whether it be a game review, a commentary on the latest movie, or something else that you think would mesh well, we’re always looking for new material.

So, thank you to everyone who’s joined us this past year, we hope you’re enjoying it all, and if you’re new around here, a warm and hearty welcome.

– James, 01/01/2018

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