Big, Bright Willy Style – The “Worst Movie of 2017” Kicks Off Our 2018

Image copyright Netflix 2017

Netflix was able to pull quite a feat at the tail end of last year.

It was dubbed “the worst movie of 2017”, and whether you enjoyed it or not, Bright has made quite an impression.

Netflix‘s first major feature film went down like a lead-balloon with critics but was well-received with audiences – myself included, even if it did turn into every other Will Smith movie – and, as such, Bright managed to pull in over 11 million viewers within its first three days of being available online.

The film deals with, what many have deemed, a “confusing” sociopolitical narrative, yet despite the negative feedback, Netflix has already ordered a sequel.

And, thanks to Variety and Nielsen, we have an understanding as to why the online streaming giant was so quick to order a sequel.

The film pulled in 7 million viewers within the 18 – 49 demographic in America alone – though it must be noted that Netflix does not officially release viewership numbers, so all these figures are estimates.


Bright image 2.jpg
Image copyright Netflix 2017


However, this debut is lower than Stranger Things Season 2 which averaged around 15 million viewers back in October in America, which, considering Bright cost a reported $100 million to make, the viewership figures are presumably much less than Netflix was hoping for.

The film currently sitting on an average rating of 28% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes compared to the 87% audience rating, showing a divide akin to The Last Jedi‘s ratings.

Directed by David Ayer, Bright is available now on Netflix and stars Will Smith as Daryl Ward, Joel Edgerton as Nick Jacoby, and Lucy Fry as Tikka.

-James, 08/01/18

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