Is It Time For the Gambit Movie to Fold?

Image courtesy of IMDb

For a wide portion of its existence, the 20th Century Fox lead X-Men movie franchise has been…less than special, shall we say?

A lot of the time, that’s been down to the weird, constant timeline shifting that has plagued the series – and mocked by Deadpool.

However, the studio seems to have found its stride with their most recent entries, including Logan and the aforementioned Deadpool.

Both of these movies were R-rated and allowed to showcase the characters in a way that a pre-Disney world would allow.

So, with that in mind, naturally, fans were excited to know that the Channing Tatum-lead Gambit solo movie would also be rated-R.

However, there’s been a recent setback – yes, another one – that’s thrown a proverbial spanner in the works for fans of the Ragin’ Cajun.

The most recent setback saw the departure of director Gore Verbinski from the project.

According to multiple outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, the departure was amicable and attributed purely to scheduling conflicts.

Verbinski, perhaps best known for his time behind the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, boarded theĀ GambitĀ project back in October following the loss of Doug Liman in 2016, who himself had replaced Rupert Wyatt on the project.

The film has also suffered several setbacks due to script issues as well as director changes, but things were seemingly set to begin in March…at least they were, before Verbinski’s departure.

It is not currently known if him leaving the project will affect the film’s proposed 14th February 2019 release date.

-James, 15/01/2018

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