Could Hugh Jackman Be Coming to the MCU?

Image courtesy of Erathrim20

He has officially hung up his claws and called an end to his time as Wolverine, but, as the old adage goes, “never say never”.

Hugh Jackman has always been vocal about a potential future crossover between the X-Men and the Avengers on the big screen.

This was always a problem, with the rights of the two franchises existing between Fox and Disney respectively.

That was then, of course, and as of late last year, Disney and Marvel Studios now has the rights to utilise the likes the X-Men and the Fantastic Four within the MCU.

During the recent Ace Comic-Con, alongside Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie, Sebastien Stan revealed how he’d recently spoken to Jackman regarding the prospective crossover.

Stan said, “Recently I happened to be sitting next to Hugh Jackman.

I didn’t know what other awkward thing I could talk about but to be like, ‘Am I going to see you soon?’

He said a couple of things to me and I’ll just it at that.

Otherwise, I feel like I’m going to get into trouble with somebody.

I asked him though because I kept thinking whether or not Logan was supposed to be the last Wolverine thing or whatever and he said to me he’s been thinking about it and it’s been on his mind.

So, I don’t know, he may be.”

Again, Jackman has officially called time on the iconic role, and has been eager to see someone else take it on.

However, he has always stated how a deal between Disney and Fox could bring him back for at least one more outing, though it may be a long while before we see the X-Men or Fantastic Four joining the Avengers as the deal will be another 18 months or so before it is finalised.

-James, 18/01/2018

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