Get Ready to Welcome a Brand New Superhero to the Marvel Universe

Image courtesy of Marvel/Netmarble 2018

It’s always nice to welcome a new character into the world of comic books, but the latest addition to the Marvel Universe will have a rather interesting debut, to say the least.

The comic book giants latest character is Luna Snow, a Korean K-pop star with icy, regenerative powers will make her debut in Netmarble Monster‘s Marvel: Future Fight mobile action-RPG.

Whilst it is a strange way to introduce a new character, it isn’t actually the first time Marvel Future Fight has done it – the game introduced Sharon Rogers into the Marvel canon last year. Sharon Rogers is the alternate reality daughter of Captain America and Peggy Carter, whose introduction proved to be highly lucrative and successful for the Netmarble.

To build up hype for Luna Snow’s debut, Marvel released a live-action trailer alongside the announcement, see below.

Marvel Games’ Senior Producer Danny Koo said in a press release;

“We worked closely with [Netmarble Monster‘s art director] Jee-Hyung to come up with Luna Snow’s look, which includes an iconic emblem consisting of a half-moon crest that mirrors an ice symbol on her jacket, belt buckles, and of course, her necklace.

Her icicle earrings and differently coloured eyes, which complete her half-dark and half-light ice look, were meticulously designed with modern K-Pop culture in mind.”

Netmarble Monster, an offshoot of the Korean game’s developer Netmarble, joins the recent wave of K-Pop popularity that has been taking over Western Media in the past few months – a Black Pink song was recently in last year’s Justice League movie, whilst EXO‘s song “Lightsaber” was a collaboration between the Korean boy band and Disney that was released a month before the premiere of The Force Awakens.

Luna Snow, real name Seol Hee, was once an aspiring singer who wanted to earn enough money through her music career to help care for her sick grandmother. However, Seol was imprisoned in an A.I.M. – who are the scientific terrorists of the Marvel Universe responsible for bringing the likes of M.O.D.O.K. to the Marvel world – cryogenics pod after one of her concerts was attacked by the group.

Following exposure to an advanced cold-fusion energy, Seol gained her ice powers and she sought revenge against her A.I.M. attackers.

The global press dubbed her ‘Luna Snow’.

Netmarble is currently running a pre-registration event from the 10th to the 23rd of January that will see players be rewarded with in-game currency and tokens to acquire Luna Snow, as well as information about the new hero being released. The developers state that the more players that pre-register, the more currency will be gifted out at the end of the event.

Marvel: Future Fight is a free-to-play game featuring characters from across the Marvel universe, from the likes of Iron-Man and Captain America, to Spider-Man, Venom, Squirrel Girl, Moon Knight, and Gwenpool, with more characters or costumes based on the character’s appearances in movies, TV shows and comics being added at a regular pace.

-James, 18/01/2018


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