Mark Millar Will Replace New Kick-Ass in Five Years Time

Image copyright Millarworld 2018

It wasn’t that long ago that we were talking about the upcoming new Kick-Ass character that Mark Millar had announced as part of the 10th anniversary of the beloved superhero.

Now though, there’s even more news from Millar as he has revealed that he intends to reboot Kick-Ass again…in another five year’s time.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Millar said;

“Kick-Ass was always a legacy character for me.

It’s like Doctor Who or The Flash or Green Lantern or James Bond in that it should be rebooted every once in a while with a new face.

The same thing should happen again in five years.”

It seems like quite early days to be making such an announcement, as it was only a couple of months ago that Millar announced the new Kick-Ass, Patience Lee, will be making her debut.

Lee is, in Millar’s own words “a military vet who came home to find her life in a completely different setting from the way it was when she went to Afghanistan so the actual dynamic of the book is really different, but at the same time, the flavour is identical.”

For anyone wanting more for Patience Lee before she passes the mantle onto the next Kick-Ass, Mark Millar has made a choice as to whom he’d like to see play the new heroine should she ever make it to the big screen.

In a Twitter post, Millar wrote;

“A lot of fans asking who I’d want as this new Kick-Ass. To be honest, one choice really jumps out and that’s @TessaThompson_x.”

The Thor: Ragnarok star seems like a great choice, as she definitely looks the part and, after her performances in the hit Marvel film (as Valkyrie) as well as 2015’s Creed, she definitely has the potential to bring it on the big screen.

Of course, a new Kick-Ass movie isn’t currently on the cards, and although there was a rumoured Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl team-up movie supposedly due out last year (which obviously did not materialise), a potential recast would need to be addressed somehow.

Still, a reboot is always an option, and considering how stock in Mark Millar’s work rose considerably last year, I’m sure there would be plenty of potential for one of his biggest properties to get the big screen treatment once again.

-James, 20/01/2018

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