A New Team is Assembled to Sort Out the Dark Universe Disaster

Image copyright Universal Studios 2017

There’s been a lot of talk about Universal Studio‘s connected series of films, Dark Universe, over the last twelve months.

From the initial – for want of a better word – excitement over the seminal entry, last year’s The Mummy, to the subsequent disasters that have followed, it’s not exactly been an easy ride for the monster-movie franchise.

Heck, there was even chatter around Guillermo del Toro being involved with the platform during its earliest days.

All of this has lead to the likelihood that the franchise is dead on the water, with the follow-up film (2019’s proposed Bride of Frankenstein) all-but-cancelled.

However, something seems to be stirring over at Universal Studios.

A newly assembled production team consisting of cinematographer Tobias A. Schliessler (of A Wrinkle In Time fame), composer Carter Burwell (No Country For Old Men) and Beauty and The Beast‘s production designer Sarah Greenwood and costume designer Jacqueline Durran have been brought in to resurrect the Bride of Frankenstein movie, according to Omega Underground.

Javier Bardem is supposedly still set to appear in the movie as Frankenstein’s monster, but the titular Bride is still currently unknown.

Initially, and rather infamously, Angelina Jolie was being eyed up to play the role, however, there was never any confirmation from either party about her acceptance, and filming for Maleficent 2 now seems likely to render her out of contention for the role.

Some new rumours also had Gal Gadot up for the role, but, as you could imagine, her filming schedule is looking quite full for the next 12 to 18 months, so there’s even less chance that she’ll be involved.

Regardless of who takes the hand of Frankenstein, the movie is alleged to be still in pre-production despite being removed from Universal‘s October filming schedule, and this new team might just help breath fresh life into the franchise.

Bride of Frankenstein, if it ever actually materialises, will take place within the Dark Universe, a shared cinematic universe of movies that consists of classic monster movie remakes including the Invisible Man, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Wolfman, and, of course, The Mummy.

Originally scheduled for a release 14th February 2019, Bride of Frankenstein currently has no release date attached, nor is it clear when the film will commence production.

-James, 23/01/2018

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