The Super Mario Movie Is On!

Image copyright Nintendo

Last year, there were some talks happening between Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment, the studio responsible for the Despicable Me, Minions and Secret Life of Pets, with the intention to make a full-length Mario movie.

There hadn’t been much confirmation from Nintendo on the partnership, until now.

Taking to their official Twitter account, Nintendo made the announcement that the Super Mario movie was in the works with Illumination.

The movie will be produced by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Illumination founder Chris Meledandri, and, since Illumination is an animation studio, it seems logical that it’ll be a fully animated feature, unlike Mario’s last big screen outing.

The partnership will follow the agreement between Nintendo and Universal – which Illumination is the animation arm of – that means Mario and characters will feature prominently in Universal‘ theme parks.

Since the 1993 critical and commercial failure that was the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Nintendo has focused primarily on Pokémon animated movies, but a few Nintendo characters saw the light of the big-screen once more in the 2012 Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph which featured Bowser and a Super Mushroom.

There’s no release date or actors attached to the project, but it will at least have the creator of Mario on-board to keep the film faithful to the series.

-James, 01/02/2018

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