Wesley Snipes Is Still Looking To Reprising His Role as Blade

Image copyright New Line Cinemas 2002

Wesley Snipes has been quite vocal about getting back into the role of Blade, regardless of whether Marvel Studios are on board or not.

However, despite it being one of the actor’s most well-known roles, Snipes is also open to playing any character from Marvel‘s large list of iconic roles.

Since his role in 1998’s Blade and its subsequent sequels, Snipes reaffirmed his desire to play the role in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, as well as talking about his openness to other roles.

“I am very much open to all of the possibilities. If Blade 4 comes along, that is a conversation we can.

There are other characters in the Marvel universe that, if [Marvel] want to invite me to play around with, I am with that too.

I think the fans have a hunger for me to revision the Blade character, so that could limit where they could place me as another character in that universe.”

Snipes’ wishes to reprise his role is nothing new, as the actor revealed back in 2015 that he’d like to bring the character back.

“There’s always a possibility, you know. It’s in Marvel’s hands. They’re controlling the pace and the flow with that.

Conversations have been good. They see the value in it. We see the value in it.

I’m still in shape enough and fit enough to handle the role. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t really know what’s going to happen to it yet.”


Wesley Snipes last run as ‘The Daywalker’ came in 2004’s poorly received Blade: Trinity, and marked the third movie in the popular Blade series. The franchise included creative contributions from influential comic book adaptation aficionados such as David S. Goyer and Guillermo Del Toro.

-James, 01/02/2018

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