A New Actor is in Talks to Play The Joker in Ambitious Origins Project

Image copyright DC Comics

The hotly debated landscape of the DCEU is one of confusion, disappointment, and a seemingly endless back-and-forth of ‘Will Ben Affleck still be Batman?’

And one of the weirdest of future properties that Warner Bros. is looking to bring out is a Joker origin movie…that isn’t in DCEU canon.


Initial reports suggested the studio had their eyes on Leonardo DiCaprio to play the ‘younger’ Joker in a movie set in the 1980s. This is the same Leonardo DiCaprio that is only three years younger than current Joker Jared Leto, of course.

However, we can apparently forget about all of that nonsense as a new report from Variety suggests that the movie’s director Todd Phillips wants Joaquin Phoenix to play the younger Joker…with Phoenix being the same age as DiCaprio, of course.

The report suggests that Phillips and Phoenix met late last year, with both parties interested and onboard and are awaiting Warner Bros. to give the project the green light.

The Joker origin movie is said to be a “gritty and grounded hard-boiled crime film” in tone and likened to Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

Again, this movie will not be a part of the wider DCEU and will, instead, be a part of a wider group of projects housed within a new banner of DC movies, with different stars taking on iconic roles…which could mean the likes of Harley Quinn and the Joker are going to be played by two different people at the same time. It all sounds very confusing, but at least they’re starting off the ambitious project with a smile.

-James, 08/02/2018

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