Lobo Movie Director Promises Explosions Galore for DC’s Main Man

Image copyright DC Comics

The Lobo movie has been sitting idly by over at Warner Bros. for quite some time now.

There’s been no headway on the movie for quite some time despite a variety of big names being potentially attached to it.

Now though, a report by TheWrap indicates that none other than Michael Bay is eyeing up the Lobo movie.

Bay, who is known for his explosive filmmaking style, was most recently attached to the Transformers franchise before his time with the Robots in Disguise came to an end following last year’s The Last Knight.

The report adds that Bay has provided some notes to guide screenwriter Jason Fuchs in his rewrite, and a deal will potentially be struck following that.

The Lobo movie hasn’t had an easy birth, as, at one point, Jason Momoa thought he would be asked to play the character by Zack Snyder, before being cast as Aquaman in the wider DCEU, and Deadpool director Tim Miller previously met with Warner Bros., though nothing came of the meeting. With a rapidly increasing stock and sky-high popularity, Lobo is a character that Warner Bros. would presumably want to jump onto sooner rather than later.

Lobo, who made his first appearance in 1983’s Omega Men #3, a spin-off of the Green Lantern comic books, is an alien bounty hunter who roams the galaxy on his motorbike. The character was introduced as a villain but was eventually repackaged as an anti-hero as well as a parody of the ultra-violent characters that were popular at the time, including the likes of Wolverine and the Punisher. The last member of a species known as the Czarnians (Lobo killed off every other member of his species), Lobo possesses superhuman strength, durability, a healing factor, proficiency in various forms of weaponry, and a genius-level intellect (he can speak in nearly 18,000 different languages).

-James, 08/02/2018

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