A Live-Action Kim Possible Movie is Currently in the Works

Image copyright Disney 2002

Way back in 2002, the Disney Channel premiered a new cartoon, one that captured the hearts of future cosplayers around the world; Kim Possible.

An animated series about a high school girl who saves the world from various supervillains in her spare time, Kim Possible ended in 2007 after a respectable 87 episodes and two animated films.

Of course, fans were ravenous for more additions to the franchise. And if you count yourself as one of those individuals, you’re in luck as a live-action film is currently in development, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The Kim Possible movie, which will feature as one of the Disney Channel‘s Original Movie franchise, has already begun casting calls for the roles of Kim and her long-time sidekick/best-friend/eventual boyfriend Ron Stoppable. The likes of other characters from the series, including Dr Drakken and Shego, will most likely be cast further along down the line.

The film’s script has been written by the show’s creators, Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley, and Adam Stein and Zack Lipovsky will serve as co-directors and co-producers.

Disney Channel Worldwide executive VP Adam Bonnett said in a statement;

“Although Kim Possible ‘can do anything’, kids and tweens found that this animated redhead was just like them.”

Bonnett added that the process of making Kim and Ron “fully dimensional” has been a fun process, and he’s thrilled to bring the creative team “into a world where indeed anything is [Kim] possible.”

There’s no release date currently announced for the movie, but it’s at least in the pipelines.

-James, 11/02/2018

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