What We Do in the Shadows’ Spin-off Announces Four New Cast Members

Image copyright Unison Films 2014

One of the long-talked-about spin-offs to What We Do in the Shadows has taken a step closer to coming back to life.

According to Variety, the spin-off has tapped Doug Jones, Beanie Feldstein, Jake McDorman, and Mark Proksch for a half-hour comedy pilot set to air on FX. Their roles are currently unknown, but it is thought that the four will have recurring roles should the series be picked up by the network.

Doug Jones recently starred in the critically acclaimed movie The Shape of Water which reunited him with Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro as well as currently starring in CBSStar Trek: Discovery. Feldstein and McDorman most recently starred in the Oscar-nominated film Lady Bird, and Proksch has appeared in Decker and Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul.

Jones and co. join previously announced cast members Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, and Harvey Guillen.

There are currently two spin-offs planned for What We Do in the Shadows, one called We’re Wolves which will focus on the werewolf population of New Zealand as seen briefly in the movie, and the other being Wellington Paranormal, a pseudo-cop show featuring hapless police officers Karen and Mike who were briefly seen in the movie.

What We Do in the Shadows, one of the best comedy movies of the past five years, is a mockumentary of vampires in modern day New Zealand. Starring Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, who also wrote and directed the movie, the motley group of vampires showcased their struggles with modern life, and how being a vampire in the new millennium is not all the Hollywood movies make it out to be. A proposed spin-off series was announced back in 2016 though plans for a pilot was never committed to until this past January. Clement and Waititi will serve as executive producers, with Clement also acting as the writer for the pilot and Waititi stepping in as director.

What We Do in the Shadows is currently available to view on Netflix.

-James, 11/02/2018

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