George and Friends Are Going on a Rampage – 2nd Trailer

Image copyright Warner Bros. 2018

The 2nd trailer for the upcoming Rampage movie stormed its way through the internet this week, and it showcased some of the origins of the albino gorilla, George.

As the trailer tells us, George was found and rescued by Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson), and the two became life-long friends. However, a strange capsule crashlands in George’s enclosure and sprays a green mist towards the otherwise gentle giant.

The mist, capable of genetic alteration, causes George to grow in size, speed, strength, and aggression.

It’s not long before the hulking beast storms into the city, terrorising and destroying everything in his path.

It’s up to Okoye and Dr Kate Caldwell (played by Naomie Harris) to save George from the ensuing army and, hopefully, cure him of his condition.

But George isn’t the only animal that was exposed to the green mist.

A massive wolf capable of flight and an oversized reptile with scales like swords and hundreds of razor-sharp teeth also threatens to bring their own brand of carnage to the world.

Rampage is a live-action adaptation of the 1980s Bally Midway classic arcade game of the same name that saw players choose from one of three monsters – George the gorilla, Ralph the wolf and Lizzie the lizard – and try and destroy the city whilst fighting off the army and other monsters. The difference between the game’s monsters and those seen in the trailer are that the video game George et al were originally humans before being subjected to failed genetic experiments.

Directed by Brad Peyton working off a script by Ryan Condral and Carlton Cuse, and starring Dwayne Johnson as Davis Okoye, Naomie Harris as Dr Kate Caldwell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Ackerman, Joe Mangianello, Jake Lacey, PJ Byrne, Mary Shelton, and Jack Quaid, the Rampage movie is scheduled for a release 13th April in the UK.

-James, 15/02/2018

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