Thanos Conquers All – Infinity War DOMINATES in Opening Weekend

How well has Avengers: Infinity done within its opening weekend? Very, is the simple answer. We break down some of the records the biggest movie of all time has already smashed.

Kevin Feige Answers THOSE James Cameron Comments

Kevin Feige was interviewed by Vulture recently, and, aside from all the hype around Infinity War, the recent comments made by James Cameron was inevitably brought up. Here's what Feige had to say on the matter.

Hank Azaria Weighs in on the Problem With Apu Debate

The ongoing problem(s) with Apu takes an unexpected but much needed turn towards the right direction. Following Al Jean's previous comments, Hank Azaria has weighed in on the matter. Can things still be amended?

Did Spider-Man: Homecoming Really Mess Up the MCU Timeline?

What was going on with that Spider-Man: Homecoming time-jump? Was it really eight years later? Joe Russo reveals all.

Could We See The Governor Return to The Walking Dead? David Morrissey Would Like to Think So

More potential for spin-offs of The Walking Dead; this time, David Morrissey throws his hat into the zombie arena and says how he'd love to see a Governor solo series.