There’s More to the Deadpool Animated Series Than FOX Were Letting On

Image copyright Titmouse Animation 2018

Last week, news broke that the Donald Glover-written Deadpool animated series had been cancelled by Fox, who cited “creative differences between FX, Donald and Stephen Glover, and Marvel Television“.

Since then, however, a few things have come to light about these so-called “creative differences”, and none other than Donald Glover and Stephen Glover have stepped forward to shed some light on the news.

Firstly, Donald took swipes towards Marvel and FX when he uploaded the “final script” for the series finale. Littered with cultural references and more than a few fourth-wall breaking acknowledgements that ‘nobody will see this in action, but they can read it’, the “script” follows Deadpool taking on a contract to protect Sudan, the late, last male Northern White rhinoceros from poachers.

Copies of the script can be found below. Warning, extreme levels of vulgarity, swearing, and mature content contained within;

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To follow up on that, the next day, Stephen Glover Tweeted saying that the planned Taylor Swift episode was “definitely the last straw” which lead to the series cancellation.

The Tweets have since been deleted, however, thankfully, several sources managed to capture a couple of the Tweets – including Stephen Glover’s comments – including TheWrap.

Stephen Glover Deadpool

In the first of the since-deleted Tweets, Stephen wrote;

“There really was a Taylor Swift episode. It was HILARIOUS. And it definitely was the last straw lol”

Stephen Glover Deadpool 2

The second Tweet reads;

“Our show wasn’t too black. It wasn’t really that black at all. But we definitely wanted to give Rick and Morty a run for their money and I think we would have. Proud of the gang”

Added to all of this, there was some leaked test footage from the series posted by the animation company Titmouse.

The clip featured Ryan Reynolds’ dialogue from 2016’s Deadpool atop graphic content and over-the-top action which was at different levels of being finished.

For the most part, there was seamless animation on display that featured grenades, katanas, decapitations, and general Deadpool bad-assery. However, a significant portion of the footage was unfinished, looking more like storyboard pieces than actual animation.

The footage showcased a perfect blend of R-Rated violence and content blended with hilariously exaggerated animation – at one point, Deadpool is flattened like a classic, Tex Avery cartoon character.


Deadpool Animated Flattened
Image copyright Titmouse Animation 2018



Deadpool Animated Series 2
Image copyright Titmouse Animation 2018
Deadpool Animated Series 3
Image copyright Titmouse Animation 2018
Deadpool Animated Series 5
Image copyright Titmouse Animation 2018
Deadpool Animated Series Belt
Image copyright Titmouse Animation 2018


Deadpool Animated Series 7
Image copyright Titmouse Animation 2018





Unfortunately, whilst the test footage was available to view online last week, it has since been taken down and no copies are available to watch.

The animated Deadpool series was ordered for a straight to series run by FX back in May 2017 for a showing on the network’s FXX comedy channel. Donald and Stephen Glover were on-board to work as executive producers/showrunners. The series was set to feature a 10-episode first season, however, following the abrupt cancellation of the series by FX, the show now lies in purgatory.

As Donald Glover mentions in one of the pages of the ‘script’, maybe the place for the Deadpool animated series is now on Freeform.

-James, 01/04/2018



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