Here’s Something to Get Your Teeth Into – Sharknado 6 is Coming

Image copyright Syfy Network 2015

B-Movies are a great part of the film industry. Full of trashy effects and costuming ridiculous acting, and narratives that aren’t exactly renowned for their award-winning credentials, they are as pure a source of entertainment as they are a source of ridicule.

But we love them all the same.

And one of the best-known franchises in the genre – that, arguably, brought the genre back into the public consciousness – is Syfy‘s Sharknado series.

Syfy has been releasing entries into the Sharknado series for the better part of the last decade. For the uninitiated, Sharknado features the natural phenomena of tornadoes full of sharks that terrorise the world, and a family that is seemingly always caught up in the chaos and mayhem. It is as campy and daft as it sounds, but a ruddy good laugh and a showcase of pure cinematic enjoyment without the huge Hollywood budget.

However, Syfy has confirmed that the upcoming sixth movie will be the last one in the series.

In an announcement from TVLine, Syfy has said that Sharknado 6 (which currently lacks a witty subtitle like earlier entries) will close the franchise when it is released later this year.

However, whilst this may be the last Sharknado movie, there is something to get excited about – Sharknado 6 will feature time-travel.

“Hundreds of man-eating sharks in a tornado and time-travel?” you say.

The fifth instalment in the franchise concluded with series’ protagonist Finn Shepard (played by Ian Ziering) stranded on a destroyed Earth that had fallen at the overwhelming might of multiple sharknadoes (which is the correct technical term, by the way). Now, Sheperd will have to travel back to the very first Sharknado movie and stop it before history repeats itself.

Thankfully, however, Sheperd will not be alone as Sharknado 6 will be bringing in Vivica A. Fox, Tara Reid, and Cassie Scerbo who will all make their return to the series.

Sharknado 6 will also feature a slew of unconfirmed stunt casting and cameos who may or may not have been seen in the previous five movies.

But that’s not all, as Anthony C. Ferrante will be returning to the director’s chair for the sixth time in his career.

Sharknado 6 will be headed to the Syfy channel in time for the summer Hollywood blockbusters, with a tentative premiere date of 25th July.

-James, 02/04/2018

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