Could We See The Governor Return to The Walking Dead? David Morrissey Would Like to Think So

Image copyright AMC 

What a week it’s been for The Walking Dead fans.

First, there was the conversation Jeffrey Dean Morgan had about the possibility of a Negan spin-off series and now, there’s another potential spin-off being talked about.

Hot on Morgan’s heels, David Morrissey has said how he would love to return to TWD universe to reprise his role as the Governor for his own miniseries.

The Governor, alongside Negan and Alpha, has been one the series’ biggest villains, and, whilst he is officially gone within the series, many fans still have a soft spot for Morrissey’s performance.

Despite not being around in any capacity in over three years (he was last seen in a flashback sequence), the 53-year old Morrissey recently confirmed he’d love to jump back into it.

“He was a character that I felt had great depth and complexity. Not just a cardboard baddy,” Morrissey told The Guardian.

“A lot of my inspiration for the role came from the books written by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. I think these books are fantastic and I think it would be wonderful to do a mini-series of them.”

The potential for a Governor spin-off isn’t exactly outside the realms of possibility, either, as Kirkman and Bonansinga wrote a trilogy of books based on the character, meaning that there is more than enough source material for Morrissey to bring the character back to life and rule Woodbury once again.

However, there are currently no plans whatsoever for a Governor spin-off (of a Negan one, whilst we’re at it) and these ideas seem to merely be Morrissey’s aspirations alone…for now, at least.

Morrissey added;

“I would love to play the role again, however there are no plans to do it. Not to my knowledge anyway.”

Morrissey’s role as the Governor over the course of Seasons 3 and 4 helped build the character into a fan-favourite despite his villainous and tyrannical ways. The potential to see how Philip Blake became the unhinged Governor would make for a worthwhile companion to the main series, however, there is no word from the producers as to whether or not such a spin-off can or will see the light of day.

AMC’The Walking Dead Season 8 has concluded now, and spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead is currently working through its fourth season.

-James, 25/04/2018

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