Did Spider-Man: Homecoming Really Mess Up the MCU Timeline?

Image copyright Marvel Studios 2017

The glorious homecoming of one of Marvel‘s most beloved and popular characters was met with fan rejoice and critical acclaim.

The aptly named Spider-Man: Homecoming was as near a perfect telling of a young Spider-Man story as any seen before it and many fans welcomed the new actor, Tom Holland, into the role with arms wide open.

And the movie, set within the wider MCU, did wonders for making Spidey feel like he’s been a part of the whole thing since it started – there was the obvious callback to Tom Holland’s debut in Captain America: Civil War, and footage added that made it apparent that Homecoming wasn’t Spidey’s first time in New York.

The narrative established that this Peter Parker had been doing whatever a spider can for a sizeable time before either movie brought him into the universe…but there’s one thing wrong with it all.

Within Homecoming, we see the now infamous “eight years later” time jump for whatever reason.

Homecoming was set more or less immediately after the events of Civil War, which itself is, at most, in-universe only around four years after the events of the original Avengers movie.

So why was Homecoming eight years later?

Title cards and even direct dialogue places the movie firmly in that timeline, which completely mucks around with the rest of the movie’s continuations.

To that end, many a Marvel fan have questioned whether this was an intentional break from the narrative timeline, however, Kevin Feige has denied this allegation.

So, what’s the deal?

Recently, Joe Russo of the Russo brothers told Ashish Chanchlani that;

“It was eight years, I believe. It was a very incorrect eight years!”

So, a mere blunder on behalf of the Russo brothers then. Timeline mishaps aside, Homecoming was still everything it should have been, and now, with Infinity War upon us, the fall-out and future of Marvel‘s Spider-Man can start to unravel.

-James, 25/04/2018

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