Fast & Furious Franchise Expands into Animated Series

Image copyright Universal Studios 2011

Not long after Dwayne Johnson made the statement that the Fast & Furious franchise needs to expand in order to survive, the high-octane series is the latest to receive the Netflix original series treatment.

However, in a weird twist, Netflix will be producing an animated series, working alongside DreamWorks Animation.

As reported by CBR, the Universal Pictures‘ franchise has received a straight to series order and will focus on Tony Toretto, the younger cousin of Vin Diesel’s Dom from the core movies.

As the report goes, Tony and his teenage friends end up being recruited into a government organisation who are “hellbent on infiltrating a dangerous league of street racers being used as a front for crime” – no news yet on if that group of street racers is, in fact, the core group from the live-action movies, but it would be an interesting way to connect the two.

Thanks to Comcast-NBC Universal‘s recent acquisition of DreamWorks, the F&F series will be handled by one of the biggest animation companies in America. The resulting partnership is said to be in similar vein to Netflix shows like Trollhunters and DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free. Therein, both companies will be able to take the adult-centric F&F film series and give it a family-friendly makeover.

Tim Hedrick and Bret Haaland (of Voltron Legendary Defender and All Hail King Julien fame respectively) will serve as showrunners, and, whilst it is unclear whether Dom will appear in the animated series, Vin Diesel is said to be serving as executive producer alongside Neal Moritz and Chris Morgan.

Whilst the cast list has yet to be announced, quite a lot of the core series characters could potentially make an appearance, and cameo roles could be worked into full-on roles (such as Kurt Russell’s turn as ‘Mr Nobody’, for example).
With this animated series in the works, and the proposed spin-off featuring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, the F&F-universe will soon be bigger than just the movies.
When you consider Fast 8 became one of the quickest movies to pass the $1 billion mark, the potential (and, certainly, interest) for the studios to develop the franchise further still is huge.
-James, 30/04/2018


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