Infinity War Opens in China, Adds to Marvel’s Dominance

Image copyright Marvel Studios 2018

Avengers: Infinity War was already doing wonders for Marvel. Aside from having the biggest opening international weekend ever, as well as being only the third superhero movie to pass the $200 million mark in its opening weekend, there’s plenty more that the latest Avengers movie has achieved.

Initially, the movie was held back from a Chinese release until the 11th May. Well, as we all know, that date has well and truly past, and the results of the movie’s release are coming in thick and fast.

As reported by TheWrap, the Chinese market has added to the already impressive figure, and Infinity War has now grossed over $1.6 billion mark within 15 days. The Chinese weekend pulled in $200 million and is the second highest-grossing Disney movie in the country, ever.

Infinity War is on par to reach $2 billion before long and has been etched into the top five grossing movies, ever, behind Jurassic World (which is slightly higher on $1.67 billion), Star Wars: The Force Awakens (at $2 billion), Titanic ($2.1 billion), and Avatar (on $2.7 billion).

The top three movies have one thing in common; they were all released in December, meaning they had run of the pack when it came to box office domination with no other big blockbusters to challenge them. Infinity War has, essentially, kicked off the summer blockbuster run, so its time at the top may not manage to get as far, unfortunately.

-James, 14/05/2018

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