Brooklyn Nine-Nine Ain’t Dead Yet, Folks

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Marvel’s Inhumans isn’t the only TV show to have been cancelled this week.

During this year’s annual trimming of the fat known as ‘sweeps week’, 21st Century Fox has officially cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine after five seasons.

This marks the second in what is mounting up to be a heady pile of TV programmes that have been put to pasture, and, arguably, one of the most popular.

A number of fans and even the odd celebrity have expressed their grieve at the loss of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, including Guillermo del Toro, and Mark Hammill, who’s been very instrumental in the aftermath of Fox cancelling the show.

Del Toro wrote;

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has given us fully human characters, beautiful, powerful, flawed, vulnerable, majestic…

In whichever form, B99 must return. It will. And I will be there to watch. And, it is my hope that I that, this time, a lot more people do too.”

Following the cancellation, there were rumours circling around that Netflix, Hulu, and TBS were the top three contenders where Brooklyn could find its new home. However, a report from TVLine notes that Hulu had already passed on the show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been well-received by fans and critics alike, with many noting how progressive the show is in its diverse cast, with openly gay characters in prominent positions of power and leadership, and, despite being a show about cops, has not shied away from tackling issues surrounding racial profiling and ever police brutality prevalent in America.

All of that whilst being funny as Hell!

However, there’s already great news for fans of the show, as the aforementioned Mark Hammill has had an impact on the show’s future already.

Taking to Twitter, Hammil commented saying;

“Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! … I’m SO not ready to say #ByeBye99.

Be forewarned @FOXTV-when networks dump shows I love, I’m known for holding grudges for a long, L-O-N-G time. I’m still mad @CBS didn’t renew #SquarePegs! …


And, whilst it may not have anything to do with Hammil’s Tweet, NBC picked the show up the very next day for a thirteen-episode sixth season, with potentially more to follow in the future. As it turns out, NBC had had their eyes on the programme for quite some time, and, as Andy Samberg has previously appeared on Saturday Night Live, it’s almost like a homecoming.

Terry Crews, who plays Sgt. Terry Jeffords on Brooklyn Nine-Nine was among the first to thank Hammil.

Crews said;

“@HamillHimself I want to personally THANK YOU MARK for using the power of the force to save Brooklyn Nine Nine!”

NBC Entertainment Chairman, Robert Greenblatt, was very excited about the news and wanted to confirm and set the record straight. Greenblatt said;

“I’ve been saying to certain people in the press that if we knew Andy Samberg was going to be cast in that show, we never would have sold it to Fox. We’ve been watching it closely ever since. …

We jumped on it really quickly and are thrilled to have it and think it fits into our brand of comedy in many ways better than it fit into Fox’s brand of comedy.

It feels like it goes along shows like A.P. BioWill & GraceSuperstore, and The Good Place. …

It’s also one of the few comedies in recent years that does a robust international number, and it has a syndication upside, which a lot of shows don’t have anymore.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was created back in 2013 by Dan Goor and Parks and Recreation‘s Michael Schur, and stars Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Stephanie Beatriz, Chelsea Peretti, Joe Lo Truglio, Dirk Blocker, Joel McKinnon Miller and the aforementioned Terry Crews. Up until this past week, it was Fox‘s second longest-running live-action sitcom that was second only to New Girl (a personal fave of mine, by the way), which is also in the process of calling it a day as it wraps the series up to a conclusion at the end of this current season.

-James, 15/05/2018

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