Lucifer Marks the Third Casualty of Sweeps Week 2018

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Another one bites the dust.

In light of Fox dropping Brooklyn Nine-Nine and ABC canning InhumansFox has also announced that the supernatural police series, Lucifer, is also on the chopping block.

Lucifer, based off of the DC/Vertigo comic book, starred Tom Ellis as the titular Lucifer Morningstar.

And yes, that would just so happen to be the Lucifer Morningstar you’re thinking of.

Ellis was the first to confirm the news to fans as he took to Twitter to make the announcement.

Writing candidly, Ellis said;

“It has been the most amazing experience over the past 3 years playing Lucifer and falling in love with you, the fans.

It fills me with great sadness to confirm the rumours that some of you have been asking.

Fox has indeed cancelled #lucifer

I’m so sorry guys. #gutted”

Lucifer showrunner, Joe Henderson, added to the conversation;

“So… yeah. #Lucifer has been cancelled. And it f***ing HURTS.

I loved this show so damn much and everyone put their heart and soul into it.

Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to describe.

For people asking what do…


I have no idea if we have a shot of coming back, but I know sure as anything that everyone wants to . We have so many more stories to tell.

We created a season finale with a huge cliffhanger so that there was no way Fox could cancel us.

Instead, we’re going to frustrate the hell out of you fans.

I’m so sorry for that.”

Tom Ellis, however, is not taking the cancellation lying down. He’s been very vocal online (as has a lot of his colleagues from the series) and has spoken at length to the press about the cancellation.

In an interview with TVLine, Ellis said;

“I’ve done press in various parts of the world, and I’m fully aware that this show is much more popular than what it had seemed to be on Fox.

I’m not surprised about people being angry. I just wasn’t ready for this tsunami of love that came with it.

I don’t want to promise anything for anybody, because there are so many things that have to align for things to happen.”

And, after seeing all of the fan’s outpouring of love for the show, Ellis mentioned how;

“…I didn’t have hope, and I do have hope now. And as long as there is hope, I will keep fighting. Because I think that’s what our fans want us to do.”

Lucifer made its debut in 2016, with Tom Ellis’ Lucifer Morningstar, the same one as mentioned in the Bible, having become bored of his duties as the Lord of Hell. In an attempt to cure his boredom, he leaves the throne and ends up opening a piano bar in the City of Fallen Angels itself, Los Angeles. From there, he gets involved in the LAPD following a crime that captures his curiosity. He, as such, becomes an honorary member, helping the department find and punish criminals on a regular basis. He becomes romantically involved in his partner, with varying degrees of success for the Lord of Darkness.

The series (and character) was introduced back in 1989 by Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth in Vertigo Comics’ The Sandman #4, only to go off and star in his own spinoff series, with an initial series running for an impressive 75 issues.

The recently aired Season 3 finale now serves as the series finale, unless an online movement can change the game, that is.

-James, 15/05/2018

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