Turns Out, Netflix is Worth A HELL of A Lot of Money

Image copyright Netflix 2017

Within the entertainment world, there aren’t too many companies with more sway or (financial) influence then Disney or Comcast.

Disney is currently valued at $151 billion, whilst Comcast stands at $144 billion.

Whichever way you cut it, that is a lot of money to have.

However, they’ve had 94 and 54 years to amass those totals and a new(er) company has recently surpassed even Disney.

Both Disney and Comcast have been surpassed (financially) by none other than Netflix. Recently, Netflix‘s market valuation rose to a whopping $151.6 billion, which firmly puts them ahead of all of the other major media companies, including Warner Bros, Fox, ViacomDisney, and Comcast.

The impact that Netflix has had across the whole industry has already had proven results, with the likes of Disney and WB jumping into the streaming service market to try and get a slice of that, evidently, hugely profitable pie.

It remains to be seen if the influx of more streaming services, not to mention the ever-growing amount of content that the likes of Amazon and Hulu continue to produce, helps or hinders Netflix‘s growth.

But it’s definitely going to be exciting times for fans of video-on-demand services.


-James, 24/05/2018

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